Data as a Service (DaaS)

This solution is designed for merchant applications/websites that have a personalisation or recommendation feature where a HAT PDA can be instantly issued for the application/website to request data directly from the individual. Users will just have to provide a valid email address and a HAT PDA will be created for them instantly. The merchant will have access to the user’s data requested by the application. Users will have the option to "claim" their HAT PDA, if they wish, via an email they will receive.


In order to register users via DaaS, the application or webpage needs to redirect users to the following URL:

With the following query parameters:


In case signup is successful the user will be redirected back to your application with query parameter token, the application token for that user.

If signup fails at any stage of the process, the user will be redirected back to your application with query parameters error and error_reason. Learn more about handling errors.

The HAT PDA owner will receive an email to claim the HAT PDA within 7 days and a further email at the end of 7 days stating that the HAT PDA will be deleted if unclaimed.

If the HAT PDA owner claims the HAT PDA, he will be prompted to change his password and set up his HAT in accordance with HATDeX platform guidelines.