Dataswift offers products that: give consumers ownership and control over their personal data; power richer relationships through policy-driven processing and portability of personal data; and are built on a rigorous ethical framework and scalable technology.
With Dataswift One, individuals get full ownership and control of their data, while developers get the APIs and tools they need to build scalable, data-rich applications with privacy and compliance built-in.

How does it work?

Illustration of how Dataswift works
We operate a fully managed platform for businesses to build on. You can, however, run your own HAT microserver. Our code is open source on GitHub.

What is a Dataswift PDA?

Our personal data management platform, Dataswift One, allows you to integrate and offer Personal Data Accounts (PDAs).
PDAs give you authentication, file storage, per-user databases, and serverless AI functions via API.
We provide developers with infrastructure (compute, storage, database), APIs, and SDKs to easily build apps that are compliant with strict new privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA.
This enables you to securely and legally transact on sensitive customer data.
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