Single Sign On
With Dataswift single sign-on service, Users with PDAs only have to enter one set of credentials to access web applications – via desktops, smartphones and tablets. This greatly increases efficiency for the user while keeping their data secure. More importantly, users do not need to even include their identity. They can sign on with data within their PDA such as interests, body dimensions and even with computed data such as their mood for your website to personalise its content and service.


  • SECURITY: signing on users into your application across all devices
  • COST SAVINGS: Automated processes and eliminate data handling and infrastructure costs and deploy your application in minutes
  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: No need to spend time on integration and provisioning, manual de-provisioning, password resets or other policies
  • GROWTH: Enable users to get started quickly with your application, while able to give data to your application quickly for a personalised service
Last modified 1yr ago
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