The DEX (data exchange) service of Dataswift consists of:

  • Data Exchange processes
  • Data Transaction Logging, and statistics across the ecosystem
  • HAT PDA Access brokering for applications and developers

These processes log all activities in the HAT ecosystem, responds to HAT PDA requests to create Data Debits; install Data Plugs; log data contracts and transactions; verify exchanges and quickly, accurately and securely sends and receives data between parties.

It reports the ecosystem statistics as well as integrating datasets and data services for third parties into the system.

The core aspects are:

  1. Statistics logging and reporting
  2. Data Plug management
  3. Data Offer brokering and setup
  4. New HAT PDA onboarding

Together they provide functionality for most applications to benefit from the Data Mobility, however if your needs aren't covered here, or if you need some help working out what you need, just get in touch!


DEX uses the same authentication methods as the HAT PDA. When your DEX account is created, you are given a username and a password, which you use to retrieve an access_token:

  "request": {
	"method": "GET",
	"header": [
			"key": "username",
			"value": "DEX_USERNAME",
			"name": "username",
			"description": ""
			"key": "password",
			"value": "DEX_PASSWORD",
			"name": "password",
			"description": ""
	"body": {},
	"url": "",
	"description": ""

You use this token for all subsequent API requests to DEX by including it as a X-Auth-Token header.