DataBuyer Engine — in public beta

  • Revolutionary way of exchanging and requesting for data
  • Offer benefits for past data, streaming data, future data (digital labour/digital action)
  • Insights for researchers and marketing firms
  • Direct relationship & contract with HAT owner
  • Built on DEX

DataBuyer Engine is a service that enable applications built on Decentralised HAT PDA Microservers to request for data from multiple HAT PDA Owners. Brands, government departments, organisations and faculties can use DataBuyer Engine to create a service for requesting specific data from MANY Decentralised HAT PDA Owners in return for services, rewards, discounts or even cash. The data exchange framework on which DataBuyer Engine is built means you only receive the exact data values you ask for, allowing HAT PDA owners to be in control, and, if they choose to, remain completely anonymous. DataBuyer Engine enable a marketplace to be formed for HAT PDA Owners data, where HAT PDA owners can discover offers created by various organisations, claim the benefits they offer by sharing their data, and actively contribute to the data exchange economy.

Use DataBuyer Engine to:

  • Create new applications/websites that give a reward or service to users in exchange for specific data or combinations of data
  • Create conditions and filters to request data according to age, location, gender or profile data, and request specific data values contained within users’ HAT PDA databases
  • As well as data values, offers can request survey or questionnaire answers from users

Applications that use the Databuyer Engine can also nudge or buy digital action through requests for future data e.g. reviews, tweets, posts, watching ads and videos. HAT PDA owners that accept these offers will exchange the data that was generated as evidence of the digital action.

With connected IoT devices sending data to HAT PDAs, DataBuyer Engine can be used for services that seek to influence or buy physical action by requesting for future data from physical devices e.g. purchasing actions (use public transport twice this week), consumption actions (consume less water this week) and other experiential, interaction or depletion actions evidenced by data generated through IoT devices and wearables.

DataBuyer is built on DEX and HATs.