Frictionless HAT PDA Vending

Frictionless HAT Vending is a mechanism for HATDeX platform Applications to issue HAT PDA accounts in a single API request.

  1. The application (web or mobile) collects the necessary data, depending on the service chosen
  2. The application will redirect user to the correct url, adding the data collected from step 1 as query parameters
  3. User gets automatically logged in and presented with the HMI Screen. HMI is the HAT PDA Microserver Instructions that the HAT PDA owner issues and is the legal contract between the HAT owner and the application to enable the application to interact with his/her HAT PDA.
  4. Once HMI is confirmed, the user gets redirected through the OAuth process of each data plug provider (eg facebook) to setup data plug access into the HAT if the data plug have not yet been set up — if it has been set up, only the application’s permissions would be required
  5. Upon finishing data access setup for all required providers, the user will be redirected back to the callback URL from step 2
  6. In case signup is successful the user will be redirected back to your application with query parameter token, the application token for that user.

If signup fails at any stage of the process, the user will be redirected back to your application with query parameters error and error_reason. Learn more about handling errors.