Getting started

"Hello world" with a PDA

git clone
Prerequisites: node 12.13.0 and npm 6.12
Grab your favourite caffeinated ☕beverage and do:
cd dataswift-starter-app-js
npm install
npm start
Then navigate to http://localhost:3000/ to play with the app
To go live your app will get reviewed by us and published like on the Apple App store
From the start, please think about storing any piece of private data only once with random UUID references which you can store normally in your existing database.
Lastly, we review all apps before they go live to ensure users seeing a Dataswift PDA logo will trust their data is looked after. We partner with you to get quality code out the door. Please get one of our data privacy experts to help guide you - reach us on [email protected].
For a detailed walk through and explanation please join our VP of tech Gus in this video demo.
Last modified 6mo ago
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